Our mission is to support men and women in early recovery from substance abuse through the provision of safe transitional residences.

What is REI?

Recovery Environments, Inc. (REI) is a non-profit organization that offers transitional housing in recovery residences by separately accommodating women and men across five locations in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

How is REI associated with The Gate House?

REI was created by The Gate House, REI’s sister organization, in order to meet the unique needs of those in early recovery from substance abuse. It is managed and overseen by The Gate House. REI’s association with The Gate House allows a unique opportunity for residents to obtain drug and alcohol counseling through Gate House Behavioral Health Services.

What is required to be a resident at REI?

Residents are required to remain drug free throughout their stay at REI. In addition, during their stay, residents are required to attend and complete an outpatient or intensive outpatient program. Residents must be gainfully employed in order to stay in an REI recovery residence. Individuals are NOT required to have previously been a client at The Gate House in order to apply for admission.