Justine Benitez

Justine completed the Sister to Sister program in Northampton County in which she was President Resident and also Master of Ceremonies in 2013. She is currently the house manager at one of our Walnut Street residences. She has a substantial amount of time in recovery and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Albright College which a major in Crime and Justice. She leads by example and is living proof how commitment to the program can be life changing. Her current career as a store manager makes her comfortable with providing direction and guidance to new employees on the job and residents in the home.

Sophia Lombardo

I am a person who is in long term recovery. What this means is that I have not used any mind or mood altering substances since April 20th 2015. I have been a resident of REI since January 2016. It is because of this program that i have built a strong support system of role model citizens. I recently graduated the Lancaster County Drug Court program in March 2017 and celebrated 2 years of abstinence in April 2017. I have been taught responsibility and perseverance. This has also allowed me to maintain the same employer for over a year. My main goal and source of happiness is to help others early in recovery and pass on everything I have learned in this process.

Dan Abercrombie

I have been a resident at REI since July 2016. In that time, I have remained employed as well as being substance free since Dec 24 2015. I completed parole in September 2016. I am forever grateful to both The Gatehouse & REI for the opportunity to change my life. I reconnected with family in this process as well as making new friends along the way whom i consider family. I have been the house manager since November 2016. I look forward to bettering my own life as well as the lives of those around me and anyone I may encounter along the way in the time I am a resident here at REI.

Jennifer Hershey

I have been a resident at REI since December 2016. I recently became the house manager at one of the Walnut Street residences. I am currently employed full-time and have a sponsor. Some of my goals are to continue reconnecting with my children and build back broken relationships with my family. I have developed a strong passion for helping others. My sobriety, recovery and desire for a better life has become my main focus.