Sophia Lombardo

I am a person who is in long term recovery. What this means is that I have not used any mind or mood altering substances since April 20th 2015. I have been a resident of REI since January 2016. It is because of this program that i have built a strong support system of role model citizens. I recently graduated the Lancaster County Drug Court program in March 2017 and celebrated 2 years of abstinence in April 2017. I have been taught responsibility and perseverance. This has also allowed me to maintain the same employer for over a year. My main goal and source of happiness is to help others early in recovery and pass on everything I have learned in this process.

Jennifer Hershey

I have been a resident at REI since December 2016. I recently became the house manager at one of the Walnut Street residences. I am currently employed full-time and have a sponsor. Some of my goals are to continue reconnecting with my children and build back broken relationships with my family. I have developed a strong passion for helping others. My sobriety, recovery and desire for a better life has become my main focus.