Clients Are Our Greatest Endorsement

“My experience at REI has been very rewarding. REI has given me experience, strength and hope: experience in living a new life, strength in growing as a woman, a friend and mentor, hope that I can do whatever I set my mind to. My stay here has allowed me to buy a car, hold a job, be a sponsor–for this I am forever grateful.”

—Lori F.

“REI has given me the responsibility to help other recovering addicts, has provided me with daily learning experiences and helping others helps me to see the bigger and better parts of the world. I am grateful for the AA fellowship and my sponsor. If not for the program and my support network, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

—Nick C.

“REI has been a godsend in my recovery and my life. Coming out of a treatment facility that is not associated with The Gate House and unsure of where I was going to live, this recovery program accepted me and provided the time and opportunity to turn my life around. The guidelines for residence at REI are just that-guiding lines-the likes of which have developed and nurtured important character traits in myself and my peers. Things like responsibility, accountability, honesty, financial independence, and stability. After less than three months at REI, I have found employment and been regarded there as a valuable asset, obtained an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor and made progress in my step work. I also began to lend my time, experience and help to others who are new to recovery. I started the process of healing and reparation in relationships with family and other people in my life who care about me. I even have the ability to be there for my 8 year old daughter and provide her with a father who can support and love her the way she deserves–absolutely and unconditionally. I honestly don’t know that I could have achieved any of these things without the opportunity that REI and its staff have provided me, and thus I will always be grateful.”

—Cory K.

“REI has taught me personal responsibility and how to hold others accountable. It has allowed me to get involved in AA through step work, service, and friendships with people inside the fellowship. It has also provided me with the opportunity to be more involved in my children’s lives. I am very thankful for God and The Gate House for giving me the chance to live here.”

—Yannick H.

“Moving into REI has created opportunity. I am gradually entering back into a healthy lifestyle with structure, positive influences, and I am in a good location to resources. I am beginning a journey to recovery. Balance has become key. Working and living on my own has created an accomplished feeling for me and has restored my self-worth. I have also been able to obtain and sustain positive relationships with the women at REI.”

—Justine B.